Oh, the excitement of a good ol’ date night- getting all dressed up and spending all those quality hours talking about our dreams and desires. Fast forward to now and parenthood is relentless, and sadly, it’s not always possible to book in a sitter and head out on a date night with our partners. 

 With the loss of community, the decline in multi-generational living, grandparents staying in the workforce longer and the general increase in the cost of living, arranging a babysitter is not always plausible or affordable. 

There are obvious advantages to dating our partners, like continuing to get to know each other, sharing experiences, and growing connection and intimacy, how can we still date and nourish our relationship with the one we have created our family with when we haven’t got someone to watch the children?


Order in

Order in your favourite dinner, set the table and enjoy not having to cook! Ordering in sets the night apart from the others, allowing there to be a different flow and making it special for all involved. 


Host a movie night

Grab all. the. munchies and settle in for a family friendly movie night. Snuggled up on the couches together allows for connection to build and you can enjoy holding hand with your love while introducing you children to your favourite movies. 


Head to Maccas, a playcentre or epic playground

Head to Maccas, a playcentre or playground for a coffee date (or other kid-friendly venue). Let the kids run around while you two catch up. This is a great way to be able to sit and chat, while the kids entertain themselves in an environment that is suited to them. 


Go for a bike ride 

Looking for something active to do? Grab the bikes and head out to explore bike tracks and trails together. 


Hit the arcade 

Arcades are a fun place for kids and adults! Let the kids run off some steam and enjoy reliving your childhood at the same time. And if there is a kid-friendly restaurant nearby, make a reservation!


Date after bed time

Now this one takes a little more effort (and cooking two dinners- thumbs down!), but if you crave the time alone, sans children, then this may be the way to go. Plan your dinner date for after the kids are all tucked into bed. Talk about romantic!

How are you planning to make date nights work in your family?

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Written by Dominique Ben.