In this fasted paced world, where mothers are so focused on the needs of everyone else, we are only now re-learning to take care and make space for ourselves.  

Self-care is all the rage right now, and while placing our air masks on before helping others is such a great lesson for modern mothers to learn, luxurious facials, massages and mani/pedis can’t always fit into the budget. 

So, what can you do to show yourself some love with breaking the bank?



Getting your thoughts and feeling out of your head and onto paper will save you going over and over them. Journaling will create space for you to think positive thoughts and get on with the business of mothering. 

 What you’re using to journal can include anything you have access to (there are no rules!). You can use Notes on your iPhone/ iPad, or a Word document on your laptop or a simple $2.50 notebook from Kmart, the journaling potential is unlimited and budget friendly. 



While staying up late and mindlessly scrolling Instagram may tick the “alone- time” box, getting a restful night’s sleep will tick the self- care box. Sleep has such rejuvenating abilities that while you may not be up-to -date with the latest Facebook chatter, your mental and physical health will thank you. 

Benefits of good nights sleep include, happier moods, improved memory, increased ability to focus, decrease in mistakes made and reduced dark circles around the eyes! All super helpful to the everyday experience of mothering. 



Nature has the wonderful ability to heal you, but if a bush walk isn’t for you, simply going outside and taking in some deep breaths can help you reset. Your backyard is totally sufficient for this! 

Being outside helps to decrease stress, improve short-term memory, increase concentration and creativity- and all right outside your door. 



Grabbing a book can be an immensely powerful part of your self-care, especially as you don’t have to look any further than your book shelf. 

 Reading can help to decrease stress levels, enables you to use your imaginations, can calm you down and help you sleep, but above all, reading can help you unplug in the current super connected experience of life. 


Calling a friend in a time of parenting stress and frustration can be a life saver. 

As things come up for you on your mothering journey and as your frustrations and patience dwindle, having a listening partner who you can call anytime, who will listen openly, can significantly impact your ability to understand and learn from your triggers. 

Having a listening partner can help you to feel more connected and looked after as your emotional needs are met also. It will lead you to feel more present in your day to day parenting as you fill your family’s emotional cups. 


So, as you prioritise your care in the crazy of taking care of everyone else around you, remember that what makes you feel cared for is as individual as you are and what others do may not always speak to your needs. Find ways that make YOU feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the business of mothering.