I’ve always had to do school drop off with my babies. My step son was in Grade 1 when my first baby was born, so 6 years and 3 babies later, I’ve become quite the expert at juggling school, kinder and childcare drop offs with a newborn!

So how do you manage it?! 

A good baby carrier (and maybe a capsule if you like)

This is an absolute MUST. My preference is a ring sling or soft structured carrier. Both are quick to put on, easy to learn how to use, keep baby settled and make carrying tired kids’ school bags a lot easier!

You might like to use a capsule as well. I personally found them heavy and awkward so I would suggest getting the pram adaptors if you want to use a capsule for school runs.


Prep everything the night before….and I mean anything (no matter how small!) that can be done the night before:

–       Lay out clothes and uniforms. We even put shoes and socks at the front door to make sure there’s no hunting for them in the morning.

–       Make lunches and fill drink bottles.

–       Pack bags – get into the habit of making sure all notices are signed, lunch orders completed and readers are read the night before.

–       Prepare breakfast as much as you can! Make overnight oats for you, layout bowls, spoons and cereals, even get out the bread, spreads and knife ready to make toast!

People might laugh and think your preparation is over the top but it truly does make our mornings run smoother. 

Routine charts

We use a morning checklist for our Prep and Preschooler for getting ready. They still need reminding to stay on track but enabling them to have control over their morning helps everyone get out the door on time and organised.


Allow yourself time to feed before you leave the house. Even if your baby is unpredictable, getting up earlier to allow for “feeding time” in your morning means you’re not trying to squeeze it in as you run out the door. And just feed at school if you have to! I’ve often fed in the car, the playground and a few times in the hallway outside the office!

Ask for help
If you know another mum at the school – ask if she minds occasionally walking your child from the car into school or bringing your child to you in the afternoon. Not having to get a baby out who has finally fallen asleep can making drop offs or picks up much less stressful. (And if you know a pregnant mum, offer to pick her child up and bring him to her!)

And remember, you can do it! It might be overwhelming and you might be late sometimes but stressing helps no one and doesn’t get you out the door any faster. Take a breath and remember that it will become easier with time. I promise.